A little paint project.

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A little paint project. Empty A little paint project.

Post  Zero on Sun Mar 04, 2012 9:40 pm

So, I finally got around to painting the main frame. However, I used the wrong paint so I didn't get the results I wanted. The finish turned out great in terms of quality (especially for a rattle-can job) but it's way too glossy. Gonna sand it down and do it again. I found a website that makes a factory colormatch paint in a rattle-can for the frame with a matching clear. Should have used that to start with but I didn't know it existed till after.

Here's the frame with the old paint job. It's scratched, dull, chipped, and flaking. Comes right off if you hit it with a pressure washer at the car wash.
A little paint project. 6948619123_1c12d20849_b

And here's the new paint. Looks great for 50 bucks worth of aerosol cans, but its way too glossy for my taste.
A little paint project. 6802508170_5753e64346_b

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