520 Conversion Completed!

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520 Conversion Completed! Empty 520 Conversion Completed!

Post  Zero on Wed Sep 28, 2011 11:31 pm

My chain was thoroughly neglected and in desperate need of replacement (previous owner issue). The sprockets were heavily worn as well with the teeth on the rear beginning to fold over. I ended up going through motomummy.com to get a 520 conversion kit and went down 1 tooth in the front. The kit came with Drive Systems Superlight Steel sprockets and an EK MVXZ chain for $170.

It was a bit of a pain to install. I took an angle grinder to the new chain to remove 4 links. The 05 R1 has a 116 link chain and the kit they sent came with a 120 link which I wasn't expecting. Also, had to spend 40 bucks on sockets, 36mm for the drive sprocket nut and 32mm for the rear axle nut. The worst part came with putting the new press style rivet link on the new chain. I wasn't about to spend 80 bucks on a rivet press/chain tool so I managed to get the job done with a 4 inch c-clamp and pipe flange kit I picked up at O'Reillys for 8 bucks. I did manage to destroy the pipe flanger in the process.

The results were amazing though. Once I get the tension dialed and the rear wheel aligned, I took it for a ride and the difference in acceleration was immediately noticeable. Also the drive train was considerably smoother than with the old chain which had a number of stuck links that were causing a dangerous amount of jerking under even modest acceleration. Couldn't be happier with the new setup.

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